More then one project

Already 15 projects were supported by Sukhi home in Nepal!

Children were given a better life and can go to school, schools and a library were rebuilt, a training center for women, who learn a profession, was fulfilled.

Sukhi Home made the difference after the earthquakes in April and May 2015.

What is the future of Sukhi Home?

We are still looking for funds to finish the SERC school (Special Education and Rehabilitation Center) where 120 disabled children receive adapted education.

Barath Tamang, a boy with Down syndrome who lives in the SERC school, is sponsored by Sukhi Home so that he can enjoy education, clothing and maintenance.

Thanks to all sponsors!

Your generosity is still welcome.

Catherine Maes


Current projects

To collaborate with the building of a school for 110 disabled children in Balawataar, Kathmandu


Project managers: Kalpana Basnet and Anisk KC.

The current school is not earthquake resistant and the rental cost is too high.

Project to the profit of 110 disabled children of the school SERC (Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children) in Kathmandu.

The "Pre-Fab" system shall be used for the following reasons:
Earthquake resistant, flexible and removable interior panels, gyproc and steel will be supplied from India, low cost, 30 years guarantee, light materials which reduce the risk of injuries for the children.

Budget: € 110.000.

In collaboration with SERC and Kumari Stichting Nederland: - -

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Closed projects

Rebuilding of a library for the Humanities School Chandrapraba, Birshowk, Rupakot, in the Kaski district


240 students lost their library that was declared uninhabitable after the earthquakes in April and May 2015.

SUKHI HOME sponsors the new building: reading room with books, computer room and furniture and a conference hall on the second floor.

End of the works: January 2019. Budget: € 50,000.

Mission accomplished.

Project manager: Pushpa Raj Adhikari and Badri Adhikari

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Help with the rebuilding of the Shree Pattale Lower Secondary School


Project managers: Deepak and Dilli Gurung.

This little school was partially destroyed by the earthquakes.

In collaboration with Sewa Sancho Nepal and npo Saancho Belgium.

Sponsoring Sukhi Home: € 5,000.

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Shangrila Home


Initially the association Sukhi Home was started in May 2011 to raise funds to build an earthquake resistant orphanage to the profit of the existing Belgian project Kids Shangrila Home in Kathmandu.

Because of the earthquakes in April and May 2015, Shangrila Home gained so much attention in the Belgian press that they could collect the amount for the new building themselves and took over the project. The former children's home was declared uninhabitable, the children are currently housed in a rented house next to the land in Gokarna.

Sukhi Home gave them the already collected amount of € 60,000 to help them on their way to the construction of the new orphanage. We follow the construction project.

Project managers: Wim De Becker and Dinesh Bandhari

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Help to rebuild the small school in Birithanti at 40 km from Pokara


Project manager: Ram Sharma.

This school was totally ruined by landslides following the earthquakes. The 30 children now have their classes in temporary tents. 

In January 2016 they started with the foundations. Estimated completion date: January 2017.

Sponsoring Sukhi Home: € 5,000 and KBC: € 2,888

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Collaboration in a training center for women in Kaski, Rupavieuw at 15 km from Pokara


Project manager: Damodar Thapa

Goal: poor single women with children can receive training to guide them towards gaining independence by earning a living.

In collaboration with Seed Foundation: Budget: € 30,000.

End of the works: December 2017.

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Help to 2 following projects in Necha Bethuhari/Necha Batase


Both villages are located at 3 days travel from Kathmandu.
The birthplace of Nilam Bastoli, Project manager.

"Girl's education program" and "Skills development of single women for livehood"

Sukhi Home sponsors  € 5000 for young girls to give them a chance to study and to single women  to develop their skills so that they will have an income on their own.

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Bharat Tamang finds a new home.


Shortly after the earthquakes in April and May
2015, Bharat Tamang, a handicapped boy of approximately 14, was found
in the street by the Belgian ngo CPCS, a project for the care of
street children in Kathmandu. It turned out
that this boy didn’t have any family left and so Bharat was all
alone in the world.

After a temporary stay at CPCS, Bharat was
transferred to the SERC school where he was sheltered in the hostel
and where he can attend school.

Sukhi Home sponsored an amount of € 1.600 so
that Bharat gets a new chance in a new home and a better life than
the street life.

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Financial help was provided to rebuild the Khari school in Dhading/Nepal


Thanks to the action” I Run4Nepal in May 2015” with Johan Schots, of which the proceeds were doubled by Sukhi Home, the small school Khari in Dhading, Nepal was rebuilt. An amount of € 6,000 was spent for this cause. 

Project manager: Durbajit Kunwar

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Participation of Sukhi Home in the reconstruction of the school in Arnakot


Participation of Sukhi Home in the reconstruction of the school in Arnakot ,supervised by Prem Bahadur Kunwar. Budget Sukhi Home and “Run4 Nepal” with Johan Schots: € 4500

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Sukhi Home offers 150 blankets


With the help fund, Sukhi Home sponsors € 3,000 for the purchase of 150 warm blankets that were distributed by Deepak Guring in the mountain villages of Senghethe, and in the districts of Dolkha and Namtar Makawanpur.

Due to the ongoing blockades at the border with India and political mayhem since October 2015, Nepal is still unable to import goods, petrol, gas, medicine and food.

This has enormous consequences: deforestation, children dying of pneumonia, people dying from the cold because they still live in tents or under the open sky with temperatures below zero.

Sukhi Home helps 150 people so that a blanket can bring some more warmth into their lives.

In collaboration with Sancho Sewa Nepal, project managers: Deepak and Dilli Bahadur Gurung.

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Sukhi Home sponsors 23 handicapt children


Sukhi Home sponsors 23 handicapt children who were found in the streets after the April 2015 earthquakes.

They were given shelter in the hostel of SERC (Special Education and Rehabilitation Center) where they now live permanently and receive special education in the SERC school.

We have transferred the amount of € 5,345 to sponsor school cost and clothing for these 23 childrend for 1 year.

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Sukhi Home supports 'I Run 4 Nepal'


Johan Schots, assistant at Sukhi Home, has collected € 6,700, by getting sponsored for running the “20 km of Brussels”.

Because of this fantastic achievement Sukhi has decided to double the amount collected by Johan.

That way 3 Nepalese projects aimed at rebuilding Nepal can be supported even better:

1) rebuilding the local school of Dhading (project manager Durbajit Kunwar)

2) relief help to and restoration of the school of Arnakot (project manger Prem Bahadur Kunwar)

3) sponsoring “girls education” in collaboration of Asian Heritage (project manager Nelam  Bastoli)

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CPCS (Child Protection Centers and Services)


Thanks to the emergency fund set up after the earthquakes in April and May 2015, Sukhi Home has supported the ,Belgian organisation CPCS with € 10,000 support. This organisation, through 25 programs,  reaches more than 1.500 children at risk. The working in these programs has been severely disrupted by the earthquake and Sukhi Home wants to help to get the preventive care up to speed again. Rice, blankets, mattresses and food were purchased.

Project manager:Inge Bracke en Jean-Christophe Ryckmans.

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Dignity Packs


Sukhi Home supported 4 fantastic ladies: Noor Van Weverberg, Inge Bracke, Elizabeth Verbeeck and Anne Vermeulen. They voluntarily (besides their normal volunteer jobs in Nepal) put together so called “Dignity Packs” and distribute them among women and adolescent girls.

These Dignity Packs, that cost around 10 € each, contain 36 items that allow women to maintain their dignity in the extreme circumstances brought about by the earthquake. A pack contains hygiene pads, a scarf, a brush etc… Sukhi Home immediately financed this fantastic initiative with enough support to buy and distribute 500 Dignity Packs. (€ 5,000).

Projectmanagers: Noor Van Weverberg, Inge Bracke, Ann Vermeulen, Elizabeth Verbeeck.

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Sponsoring for 34 corrugated tunnel houses


Sukhi Home starts an Emergency Fund and donates € 5,500 to help concretely 34 families of deaf children and their families who are now displaced. With that money Monique Derwig (Chairwoman of the Kumari Foundation) controls, through her contacts in Nepal,  the purchase of corrugated roofing for 34 of the tunnel houses.

The corrugated roofing will be re-used for the construction of permanent homes.

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Free a nepali girl


Because of the earthquakes in Nepal, a lot of young Nepalese girls lost their entire families and were in the streets. Traffickers took advantage of this sad situation and took the girls to India to put them into the prostitution. Sukhi Home donates € 2,500 to the organization “Free a Girl“ to save 50 young girls from of this terrible fate and to help them come back safely to Nepal.

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